DrivesharpTM could help reduce your crash risk1
In collaboration with Posit Science, the leading provider of clinically proven brain training programs, AAA is pleased to offer you Drivesharp. Drivesharp is a brain-training program designed to help drivers see more of their surroundings that way they can react more quickly and feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Insured members 65 years and older can enroll in Drivesharp for free and may qualify for an insurance discount.2 All other AAA members can get Drivesharp for $49.
senior couple driving

Drivers can test themselves with these interactive exercises:

Useful Field of View


The first exercise is meant to improve how much of a scene a driver can take in with a quick glance. You’ll have to focus on a vehicle right in front of you while spotting something in your peripheral vision.

Multiple Object Tracking


The second exercise is designed to increase a driver’s ability to keep track of several objects at a time. While practicing this exercise, you’ll have to track road hazards as they move across your windshield.

Ready to enroll in Drivesharp?

Drivesharp is free for members who meet the eligibility requirements listed below. If you complete the Drivesharp course and meet the requirements, you could also earn up to a 4.7 percent discount on your auto insurance.

  • Have a valid auto insurance policy through AAA.
  • Have 49 or more years of driving experience.
  • Have no more than one good driver point in the last three years.

Even if you’re not insured through AAA, as a valued AAA member of our organization, you can buy Drivesharp for $49.

Has it been three years since you completed your course?

If you’ve already had the Drivesharp discount for three years and have no more than one good driver point, you are eligible for the Drivesharp refresher course which will extend your discount for another three years.

Drivesharp FAQ

Training is typically completed within 8-10 hours and can be spread across multiple sessions.
Drivers 65 and older get free access to the program. All other members pay $49 for the program.

AAA insureds who complete the training course may qualify for the discount for up to three renewal terms provided they:

  • Have proof of course completion (provided directly from the program developer to AAA)
  • Have no more than one good driver point during the 36 months immediately preceding the date the discount is added to the policy
  • Have no principally at fault accident(s) or citation conviction(s) after the course certification completion date
  • Are 65 or older

If the driver has a principally at-fault accident or traffic conviction after the effective date of the discount, the discount will be eliminated at the next renewal.

Yes. The Mature Driver discount is a separate discount from the Drivesharp discount, and therefore qualifying insureds could receive both discounts on their auto insurance policy.  
Neither AAA nor Posit Science will generate a physical certificate of completion. Upon completion of Drivesharp brain training, you will receive an e-mail from Posit Science confirming course completion.
As soon as we receive the course completion notification from Posit Science, which occurs approximately 7–10 business days after completion, the discount will be added to the policy effective the day the course was completed. Once the discount has been added, we will send (in 5–7 business days) revised declarations pages to confirm the addition of the discount.

Drivesharp is only available to Automobile Club of Southern California (Auto Club), AAA Alabama, and AAA Missouri members.


1Source: Ball KK, Edwards JD, Ross LA at al. Cognitive Training Decreases Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement of Older Drives, Journal Compilation American Geriatrics Society 2010; 58:2107-2113. Drivesharp provides cognitive training similar to that provided in the ACTIVE Study which showed a nearly 50 percent reduction in at-fault accidents for older adults five years after their training.


2Insurance discount requirements include: 1) 49 years+ driving experience for Auto Club members, must be at least 65 years old for AAA Alabama and AAA Missouri members; 2) proof of Drivesharp course completion; 3) no more than one good driver point in the preceding 36 months for Auto Club members; 4) no principally at-fault accidents or citations after course completion; 5) a valid auto insurance policy with the Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club or Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange.