AAA members get Six Flags Magic Mountain all to themselves during Member Night on May 10

As one of Southern California’s premier attractions, Six Flags Magic Mountain is usually bustling with visitors. But on May 10, in what is now an annual tradition, the park will become the exclusive playground of Auto Club members. So why not start your weekend with laughter, good eats, and unbeatable thrills? Though members can enter the park at a steep discount all day—$41, which is 54 percent off regular admission—the real magic takes place 6 p.m. to midnight, when the park and all its rides will be closed to everyone but the Auto Club. Plus, for just an extra $13, there's an all-you-can-eat buffet of chili cheese dogs, chicken strips with barbecue sauce, baked beans, unlimited Coca-Cola soft drinks, salad, ice cream, and other delicious options.

Already ready for Member Night? Tickets are only available online, not at the gate, so buy your tickets today.

With so many choices, it's hard to know where to start. Here’s a handy guide.

Attractions for thrill seekers

Warm up with Twisted Colossus or The New Revolution

Everything in moderation, right? Revolution was a perfect warm-up coaster, and it's been transformed into The New Revolution – Classic, upgraded with a new look, new ride effects, and new trains that eliminate the former shoulder harnesses. The coaster is conveniently located near the park entrance, and it still features the 360-degree vertical loop that was the world's first.


Members can also warm up on another refreshed classic, Twisted Colossus. This wood-steel hybrid features two coasters racing one another through the white wooden skeleton of the old, iconic Colossus, including a segment where riders can seemingly “high five” their competitors.

The New Revolution roller coaster

Go really fast, really soon, on Full Throttle or Goliath

If you'd rather get right down to business, Full Throttle is your ticket to speed. The car doesn't trek up a hill before the fun starts; once you're strapped in, you're immediately launched to 70 mph and up through a loop. Then it's time to head through a tunnel where things get crazy ... but let's not spoil the surprise.


If that's not fast enough for you, Goliath cranks the speed up to 85 mph on its way down a 255-foot plunge below ground, fast enough to make riders feel weightless as they go over a hill right afterward.

Goliath roller coaster

Get the most extreme thrills on X2 & CraZanity

One of the park's most delightfully disorienting coasters is to the left of the entrance. X2 is famous for whirling seats that spin riders independently of the car's movement, so it's not long before "up" loses its meaning and the only thing riders know for sure is that they'll be getting back in line once the experience is over.


CraZanity, the park's newest ride, is the world's tallest and fastest pendulum swing. Riders eventually reach speeds up to 75 mph and swing up to 170 feet high, where the swing is powerful enough to create the brief sensation of weightlessness. 

Attractions for families & little ones

Fight evil on Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Kids interested in a video game-like experience should hop on Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, Six Flags Magic Mountain's newest attraction. The ride turns everyday visitors into Justice League Reserve Team members who must save the day alongside Superman, Batman, and other superheroes by shooting virtual targets in an immersive experience. Among the ride's highlights is what Six Flags calls a "virtual loop," which gives the sensation of flipping end over end (without actually doing so).


At the end of the ride, visitors get to see how their target-shooting skills held up, giving kids and their young reflexes a chance to go head-to-head with their parents. 

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Take budding thrill-seekers on Ninja or Gold Rusher

For thrill-oriented youngsters, good options include Gold Rusher and Ninja. Gold Rusher has enough twists, turns, drops, and speed to satisfy budding young daredevils who may not be tall enough for the big attractions, while Ninja, a hanging roller coaster, swings quickly over water and between trees but isn't overwhelming. Ninja has a relatively low minimum height of 42 inches, too, and is easy to get to despite being on a hill. Just head to the Orient Express, next to the Grand Carousel, for a quick lift to the summit.
Ninja roller coaster

Satisfy the smallest visitors in Bugs Bunny World

For guests who may lack the height or bravado to take on big-kid coasters, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers in Bugs Bunny World is a pint-sized coaster with tight turns at fun but reasonable speeds and a minimum height of just 36 inches. Similar rides include the Road Runner Express coaster and Elmer's Weather Balloons.


If the little ones tire of Bugs Bunny World's other attractions, the high-swinging ship Buccaneer is just a few steps up the path, and there are no height restrictions for kids who ride with an adult.

Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers
Food options for all appetites

Get your money's worth at the all-you-can-eat buffet

While all the usual a la carte items will be available during Member Night, members can also get access to an all-inclusive buffet for just an additional $13 on top of the discounted member ticket price, for a total ticket cost of $54 per person. That gets you an unlimited supply of chili cheese dogs, chicken strips with barbecue sauce, baked beans, kernel corn, green salad, potato chips, bread rolls with butter, ice cream, popsicles, and unlimited Coca-Cola soft drinks.


Plus, for each buffet ticket members buy online before April 30, they receive a free ticket to visit Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in September 2019, a $43 value. 

A family at the all-you-can-eat buffet

Enjoy Six Flags' retail eateries

The buffet is the food headliner, but Six Flags' other establishments are open too. Near the front of the park, check out the Full Throttle Sports Bar & Grill. It offers the burgers and wings you'd expect, as well as an eye-popping 30 HD televisions so members can keep up with the latest.


Closer to the back of the park, you'll find a classic Johnny Rockets diner, while barbecue joint Ace O' Clubs is just down the road. Food Etc. near Goliath offers healthier alternatives like sushi and fresh salads. For sweets, Cold Stone Creamery has two locations, Funnel Cake Factory makes funnel cakes with delicious toppings, and Smallville Soft Frozen Lemonade straddles the line between drink and dessert.

Johnny Rockets at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Buy your AAA Member Night tickets online today

Admission tickets to the May 10 Member Night are $41, which is 54 percent off the regular Six Flags admission price of $89.99. Other benefits for members:


  • Add the all-you-can-eat buffet for $13.
  • Each buffet ticket purchased before April 30 includes a free ticket to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in September 2019, a $43 value.
  • Parking is free after 5 p.m., a $25 value.


Tickets for Member Night are only available online, not at the gate, so buy your tickets today.

More exclusive AAA Member Night discounts1

  • Get a 10% discount on Game Play Passes, which include 20 $1-game Fun Bucks, four free games, and buy-one-get-one-free coupons for the 3 Point and Soccer challenges. (Purchase them at Top Glow in the Boardwalk games area.)
  • Get 10% off unlimited soft drink refills on Member Night, and 99-cent refills for the rest of 2019. (Purchase them at Plaza Café in the Main Gate Plaza.)
  • Get 40% off an All Day Picture Pass, which includes all digital photos taken on Member Night, including a 6x8 print. (Available at any photo location in the park.)
  • Get 40% off an All Season Picture Pass, which includes all digital photos taken in 2019 and includes a 6x8 print. (Available at any photo location in the park.)

Make your visit easier with a hotel stay

Want to beat the traffic and the crowds by staying overnight and visiting the park first thing on Friday? Or stay at the park late and drive home Saturday? Or maybe just explore what else the Santa Clarita Valley offers? Book a hotel stay through AAA.

Some information contained in this publication is time-sensitive. Offers, prices, event particulars, contact information, and other details mentioned in this article are subject to change without notice.


1Discounts are valid on 5/10/19 only, with valid wristband. For all offers, AAA members and guests must present a valid AAA wristband. May not be combined with any other offer.

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