Protection you need from a name you trust

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Protection you need from a name you trust

CALL FOR A QUOTE: 1-877-222-2245

According to the government statistics, flooding causes more than $2 billion worth of property damage in the United States each year. Many homeowners do not find out until it's too late that standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage.

As little as one inch of water can cause costly damage to a home and/or your personal belongings. You can't stop the water from rising but you can protect yourself from the devastating financial consequences by purchasing flood insurance for your home and your personal belongings. Flood insurance is not just for homeowners. If you rent or own a condo you should consider the impact of loosing all of your personal belongings to a flood and how that might impact you.

The cost of flood insurance can be as low as $98.00 a year depending on the amount of coverage, and the location and elevation of your home.

There are 2 different risk levels

  • Special Flood Hazard Areas
    Areas that have the greatest risk of flooding. This category includes beach front properties, and areas that are subject to flooding from a nearby body of water or from hard rains.
  • Non-Special Flood Hazard Areas
    Low-to-moderate risk. These areas are not in any immediate danger from a coast or body of water. This category usually has lower premiums since the danger of flooding is less.

One thing to consider when thinking of purchasing flood insurance, is that one in four flood claims are for homes that are in the Non-Special flood zone.

Call us today to find out what flood zone your house is in and to get a quote to protect your valuables.

Remember that flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period!


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