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The AAA School Safety Patrol Program™ has been praised by education and safety groups around the world for reducing injuries and fatalities among school children ages 5 to 14. Since 1920, AAA has proudly provided support to Safety Patrol Programs, instilling students with leadership as they protect classmates from mishaps that can occur at or around schools. Inappropriate risk-taking is cited as a major cause of injuries among teens and young adults, so the early training in safe pedestrian habits provided by School Safety Patrols better equips them for the decisions they face in the years ahead.

Today's Safety Patrols Become . . .

Tomorrow's Good Citizens

The AAA School Safety Patrol Program emphasizes that all participants in traffic safety, from patrol members and pedestrians to supervisors and drivers, must cooperate to create a safe environment. This is how patrol members cultivate citizenship and learn to become active volunteers in their communities.

Tomorrow's Leaders

Patrol duties often introduce School Safety Patrol members to their first leadership challenges. It helps them learn to set good examples and provide direction to other students. Patrols learn to respect and cooperate with others and to gain the respect and cooperation of others.

Tomorrow's Responsible Adults

The School Safety Patrol helps students develop a sense of responsibility at an early age. When the students wear the distinctive belt and badge, they accept responsibility for other people's safety. This helps to build self esteem and a sense of responsibility for others well-being.



We publish a bi-monthly newsletter for Safety Patrol supervisors and students that is mailed to each school.

Patroller's Post 2016/2017


Spotlight Award

Throughout the year, school safety patrols have the opportunity to be recognized in various ways. School Safety Patrol Supervisors can give the Spotlight Award for students who "shine" in some particular way. Each school is allowed to nominate up to four students per school year to be in the spotlight. The winner is posted in The Patrollers Post, which is emailed bi-monthly during the school year. Nominated students will receive their own copy of The Patrollers Post with their nomination in it.


Hall of Fame Award

Supervisors are encouraged to nominate outstanding students to the AAA School Safety Patrol Hall of Fame. Established in 1998, each year 10 students are selected based on their traffic safety knowledge, leadership qualities, school involvement, and citizenship.

AAA congratulates the 2015-2016 Safety Patrol Hall of Fame Winners and all of the students who participated in the Safety Patrol Program this year. The AAA Tidewater School Safety Patrol™ program is active in 142 schools with over 3,278 students participating this year.



Nevaeh Harper - Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Nevaeh Harper
Thurgood Marshall Elementary
Chesapeake, VA

Devin Peat - Green Run Elementary

Devin Peat
Green Run Elementary
Virginia Beach, VA

Ethan Conner - Nansemond Parkway Elementary

Ethan Conner
Nansemond Parkway Elementary
Suffolk, VA


Haley Butler - Western Branch Intermediate

Haley Butler
Western Branch Intermediate
Chesapeake, VA

Jahla Smith - Woodstock Elementary

Jahla Smith
Woodstock Elementary
Virginia Beach, VA

Marangely Colon - Captain John Smith Elementary

Marangely Colon
Captain John Smith Elementary
Hampton, VA

Perla Aguilar Rios - Metompkin Elementary

Perla Aguilar Rios
Metompkin Elementary
Parksley, VA

Rebecca Crabtree - Centerville Elementary

Rebecca Crabtree
Centerville Elementary
Virginia Beach, VA

Reece Liebler - Abingdon Elementary

Reece Liebler
Abingdon Elementary
Hayes, VA

Sergio Torres - Pungoteague Elementary

Sergio Torres
Pungoteague Elementary
Melfa, VA

Nevaeh Harper - Thurgood Harper Elementary

Nevaeh Harper
Thurgood Harper Elementary
Chesapeake, VA
Safety Patroller of the Year

Patroller of the Year Award

In addition, from the Hall of Fame inductees each year, AAA chooses one exceptional student as the Patroller of the Year. This student exemplifies the highest level of dedication and service as a Patroller. This year’s recipient is Nevaeh Harper of Thurgood Marshall Elementary, Chesapeake, VA. “Nevaeh Harper has shown great dedication and commitment in her duties as a safety patroller. She has exceptional leadership skills that will make her a great future leader in the community,” said Katharine Beachboard, Community Educator for AAA Tidewater Virginia.


Lifesaving Award

In the event that a Patrol member performs an act that prevents an accident or keeps a schoolmate from eminent danger, they can be nominated.


Patrol Advisor of the Year

A National Patrol Advisor of the Year is recognized by the AAA School Safety Patrol Charles M. Hayes Advancement Fund through the Foundation for Traffic Safety for their contributions to the safety and education of their patrollers. The National Patrol Advisor of the Year is selected from the field of Patrol Advisors nationwide. Nominees must submit an essay detailing the education and motivation of patrols through the AAA School Safety Patrol Program.


Advancement Grant

The Advancement Grant is awarded on an annual basis to schools which plan to expand or enhance their programs with an emphasis on the safety and educational benefits the program provides to students and the lifesaving contributions to the community. Approximately 10 AAA School Safety Patrol Advancement Funds are administered by the Foundation for Traffic Safety.



School Safety Patrol Supervisor Operations Manual

This manual includes policies and procedures for the proper way to run the program in your school. It also suggests ideas for behavior modification and general safe practices. "Consistent uniform operation procedures across the country are essential for the motorist and pedestrian to know what to expect. For this reason, uniform AAA School Safety Patrol identification and operating procedures are highly recommended." (Excerpt from the Safety Patrol Operations Manual)


Principal Certification Form 2016-2017

The Certification Form is required every year by the participating school. It includes contact information for the school as well as requires the Principal's signature. Without the completion of this form, you will be unable to order supplies. With the Principal's signature, he or she recognizes that the School Safety Patrol Program is active at the school for the current year, as well as verifies that payment will be made for the supplies ordered.


Supply Order Form 2016-2017

This form gives detailed prices for belts, badges, ponchos, hats, and other products we offer. Please print it off your computer, fill in, and then fax or mail along with the Certification Form if not already sent in for the year. The order form must accompany a check for the full amount or a purchase order. Prices are subject to change without notice.



Safety Smarts! Community Education

Safety Smarts! Community Education

Safety Smarts! is a traffic safety education program designed to teach young children safe pedestrian, passenger and bicycling habits through presentations and hands on experiences. Topics and formats are tailored to meet individual schools' needs.

Complete the form and mail your request to:
AAA Tidewater Virginia | ATTN: Catherine Wilson
5366 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462-1828

You may also fax your request to: 1-757-233-3898.

You may also fax your request to: 1-757-233-3898.