About AAA Tidewater Virginia

1913 to the 1920s

When the prominent citizens of Norfolk, Virginia, met in 1913 to form the Tidewater Automobile Association, they adopted a broad mission: "To take action on all matters pertaining to the advantage of members as well as motorists generally." They had a straightforward goal of getting a road built from their community to the state capital of Richmond.

Once the state government began major highway construction, the Tidewater club posted directional and warning signs as an aid to motorists. The club also fought for fair and equitable traffic laws and helped make Virginia one of the first states to adopt a uniform vehicle code in 1926.


1920s to the 1990s

Facing a decline in membership during the Depression, Tidewater Automobile Association hired J. Theron Timmons to serve as chief executive.

When he retired in 1996, he was recognized as the longest-serving CEO in AAA history.




1990s to the present

AAA Tidewater Virginia continues to expand, even after 100 years of service. Its insurance agency opened in 1999, and in recent years, its Car Care Centers won the appreciation of members.